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You have been waiting for your  family to join you in the U.S.

Now you are required to get a DNA test.  Where can you go for help?

ANY LAB TEST NOW® – Your Local Immigration DNA Testing Center.

ANY LAB TEST NOW® is your local resource for legally-admissible DNA testing results when required for immigration.  All DNA tests are performed by our laboratory partner, accredited by the American Association of Blood Banks (“AABB”), as required by the U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services (“USCIS”).

Legally-acceptable proof of your family relationship can be obtained through immigration DNA tests such as:

From collection of the specimens through delivery of test results, ANY LAB TEST NOW® is your single point of contact through the entire process, including:

  • Specimen collection from the Petitioner
  • Completion of the required chain-of-custody documentation
  • Shipping collection supplies and requesting specimen collections with foreign embassies and consulates
  • Providing all materials needed for collection of the Beneficiary’s DNA sample, with return shipping back to the lab for testing

When applying for legal, permanent residency, time is often of the essence.  With ANY LAB TEST NOW®, there is no appointment required.  Just stop by one of our convenient locations and start the process right away.  We’ll coordinate the rest from there including the shipment of supplies to the foreign organization to collect the specimens of your family members.

Call us now to get started, before your deadline expires.

Note:  Collection times vary by country, and are out of the control of ANY LAB TEST NOW® .  It is important you contact your family members to ensure they appear to the specimen collection meeting in a timely basis when contacted by their local authority.

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  1. Legally Admissible Paternity

    Legally Admissible Paternity


    Admissible in court. Alleged father and one (1) child.

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    Test Components:


    Learn More
  3. Legally Admissible Paternity + Mother

    Legally Admissible Paternity + Mother


    Admissible in court. Alleged father, mother, and one (1) child

    Learn More
  4. Informational Paternity

    Informational Paternity


    NOT admissible in court. Alleged father and one (1) child.

    Learn More
  5. Informational Paternity + Mother

    Informational Paternity + Mother


    NOT admissible in court. Alleged father, mother, and one (1) child

    Learn More
  6. Non Invasive Prenatal Paternity Test

    Non Invasive Prenatal Paternity Test


    Determine paternity through a noninvasive procedure

    Learn More
  7. Infidelity



    Comparative DNA test to establish link between an item you bring in (cigarette butt, tissue, etc. - see below) and a DNA sample. Tests 2 samples (1 collected & 1 provided). Items submitted will not be returned.

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  8. Legally Admissible Maternity

    Legally Admissible Maternity


    Admissible in court. Alleged mother and one (1) child

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  9. Legally Admissible Maternity + Father

    Legally Admissible Maternity + Father


    Admissible in court. Alleged mother, father, and one (1) child.

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  10. Informational Maternity

    Informational Maternity


    NOT admissible in court. Alleged mother and one (1) child.

    Learn More

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I wanted to extend my heartfelt appreciation to the staff at Any Labs Now (Balcones) for their dedication. You all have greatly assisted me above and beyond. I wish I could recall the names of the specific individuals.


Dr. John English

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