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The Alcohol Effect Panel evaluates any long term effects of alcohol on your body.   It includes a basic screen of your blood counts, your kidney and liver functions, as well as electrolytes, and bleeding time.

The Prothrombin Time (PT) measures how long it takes blood to clot and the CK test determines any damage to your heart or other muscles.  The Amylase and Lipase tests are used to diagnose and monitor pancreatitis.

Why Do I Need It?:

If you or a significant other drink more than an average amount of alcohol and you want to know its long‐term health effects on the body, get an Alcohol Effect Panel today.

Other Relevant Tests:

If you’re interested in this test, you might also want to consider the Comprehensive Male Panel or the Comprehensive Female Panel – another series of valuable tests that give you a clearer picture of your overall health.

Normal Range:

Complete Blood Count (CBC) please see individual test
Chemistry Panel please see individual test
Prothrombin Time please see individual test
Creatine Kinase (CK)
Male38 ‐ 174 units/L
Female: 96 ‐ 140 units/L
Amylase 53 ‐ 123 units/L
Lipase 10 ‐ 150 units/L

High Results Indicate:

COMPLETE BLOOD COUNT: Please see individual test.

CHEMISTRY PANEL: Please see individual test.

PROTHROMBIN TIME: Please see individual test.

CREATINE KINASE (CK): Elevated levels indicate damage to the heart or other muscles.

AMYLASE: Elevated levels can indicate pancreatitis, pancreatic duct obstruction, pancreatic cancer or gallbladder attack.

LIPASE: Elevated levels can indicate pancreatitis, kidney damage, bowel obstruction or peptic ulcer disease.

Low Results Indicate:

COMPLETE BLOOD COUNT: Please see individual test.

CHEMISTRY PANEL: Please see individual test.

PROTHROMBIN TIME: Please see individual test.

CREATINE KINASE (CK): Low levels could indicate minimal or no heart or muscle damage.

AMYLASE:  Low levels of amylase may indicate permanent damage to pancreas cells.

LIPASE: Low levels may indicate permanent damage to pancreas cells.

What Type of Physician Should You See?

You should seek treatment from your primary care physician.

Next Steps:

1.    Purchase the lab test.

2.    Fill out necessary paperwork and how you want to receive the test results.

3.    Get results.

4.    Review results.

5.    If your results are ‘abnormal’ or ‘out‐of‐range’ from the normal, please contact your physician.

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